Donor Recognition

Leadership Circle $25,000+

John and Carrie Morgridge
Russell and Jane Stern

Post Doctorate $10,000+

Richard Barna and Eileen Maisel Frances Berger
Richard and Karen Dakers
Geraud and Donna Darnis
Michael and Nancy Del Priore
Mary Farrell
Ervin and Kathy Hanson
Nicholas and Celeste Karamatsoukas
Steven and Sarah Levy
David and Diane Lusk
John and Becca Marr
Morton and Lois Seaman
Ross and Barbara Strickland
Frances Townsend

PH. D. $5,000+

John and Muffin Adamiak
Jon and Kathy Batterson
Robert Bauman
Kevin and Peg Bousquette
Donald and Rebecca Campagna
Thomas and Lori Corcoran
Rip and Noreen Fisher
Steve and Meredith Grant
John and Carole Gregory
Tim and Carolyn Grimes
Tom and Linda Houston
Bob and Bonnie McNamara
Daniel and BethAnn McQuade
Jim and Kathy Nichol
Marty and Alicia Weber

Graduate $3,500+

Charles and Kathleen Brophy
Doug and Elizabeth Brown
Doug and Bobette Campbell
Steve and Robyn Cohn
Bob and Karen Croce
Charles and Elizabeth Ike
John and Kathy Lowery
David and Arlene McGlade

Masters $2,000+

Rex and Cheryl Allen
Dave and Maryellen Basile
Rich and Mary Beth Bayersdorfer
Edward Benjamin
Peter and Robin Berger
Ed Bergmann and Betsy Dymowski
Helen Blake
Ted and Judy Blount
Mark and Christine Bolus
Ken and Barbie Boyer
Dave and Kate Bradford
Frank and Dee Cermak
Norm and Monever Chambers
Randy Clarke
Peter and Annette Corbin
Rick and Rosemary Crandall
Don and Gail Curtis
Barrie and Joan Damson
Jeffrey DeMond and Helene Sullivan
Steve and Loretta Doctor
Peter and Caroline Fairley
Charlotte Gilmore
John and Carolyn Hanson
Paul and Tina Henderson
William and Cathy Huff
Kirk and Caroline James
Michael and Susan Kane
Jacques and Sandra Kerrest
John and Dianne Krahnert
Raymond and Rosemary Martino
Mike and Priscilla McCollough
Buzz and Sheila McCormick
Rowland and Jenny Moriarty
Dave and Patricia Pagani
Bob and Ann Louise Price
Bill and Kathy Purington
James and Eileen Rullo
Vincent and Mary Smyth
Sailfish Point Yacht Club
Wick and Magge Sollers
Ken and Ilene Stern
Allan and Frances Tessler
Alex and Mary Wade
John and Carol Wagner
Jim and Widget Webert

Bachelors $1,000+

Pike and Leslie Aloian
Bob and Andrea Andersen
Joe and Chan Bank
George and Donna Barr
Bob and Judy Batts
Scott and Mariette Blackett
Jerry and Carole Bogage
Joseph and Marlene Bonasera
Patricia Borg
Len and Benay Borow
Dave and Marcy Budd
Ray and Robin Callahan
Libbie Carroll
John and Darlene Chuplis
David and Mary Jo Cody
Bob and Mary Agnes Correll
Jeff and Michelle Cote
Josephine Covelli
Tom and Kathy Cullen
Terry and Grace Daugherty
Trudy Dick
Bill and Cassandra Dittmar
Daniel and Carolyn Dreisbach
Ron and Lois Folino
Dave and Donna Frazier
Wayne and Debra Freihofer
Lee and Beth Gaines
Mike and Linda Gambardella
James and Linda Garvey
David and Susan Getz
Barry and Merle Ginsburg
Stephen Giuggio
Mark and Janice Gold
William and Karen Gonzalez
George and Teri Gonzalez
Kevin and Nancy Grove
Rudolf W Herms Jr
Elizabeth Herold
Allen and Sue Herskowitz
Harriette Irvine
Ken and Cindy Johns
John and Tracy Kelleher
Richard and Deborah Kessler
Edward and Kay Kosnik
Julie-Anne Kress
David and Mindy Kwon
Dick and Jane Landesman
Bill Lasky
Wilson and Jackie Leach
Arthur and Marylin Levitt
Charles and Carolyn LoCastro
Jan and Jessica Malasek
Howard Martin and Donna Ambrosino
Bob and Susan Mathias
Daniel and Iris McCaffery
Stephen and Pat McKessy
Brian and Alison McMahon
Thomas and Patti Meyer
Ric and Claire Miller
Wayne Oldenburg and Marcy Neuburg
Frank and Patricia Noonan
Daniel and Jeanne O’Neil
Jim and Ann Orr
Don and Sharon Osteen
Stephen and Joyce Page
Gary and Nancie Parlin
Richard and Carol Paul
John and Cathy Pelusi
Sandra Porter
Michael and Nancy Rand
Nick and Libby Reynolds
James and Lita Ribellino
Bill and Marti Rodamamker
David Rozenholc and Dena Weiner
Charlie and Gerry Ruibal
George and Patty Sarner
Steven and Ronda Satkamp
Philip and Dorothy Schein
Michael and Joyce Schiavone
Scott and Rose Serels
Paul and Mimi Simon
Robert and Susan Smith
Lou Sproviero and Patti Morasco
Dan Stanzione and Lisa Votta
Randy and Tammy Stefanovic
Richard and Lana Steinberg
Allan and Linda Stern
Neil and Shaun Sullivan
Greg and Patty Sullivan
Jon and Kristen Tannler
Frank and Laura Taube
Andrew and Anne Marie Taussig
Joseph and Margaret Temple
Ina Tornberg
John and Lucy Van Gelder
Pete and Penny Wettermann
Don and Pat Wilks
Andy and Rebecca Zager
Richard and Nancy Zappala

Associates $500+

Richard and Stacey Andrews
Bill and Linda Bartzak
Chris Bodnar and Suzanne Stefany
Doug and Mari Caplan
Anne Cooling
Kevin and Lisa Crawford
John and Susan Drastal
Paul and Irene Garfinkle
Robert and Gale Grossman
Ruth Hardin
Stephen and April Harris
John and Annemarie Hohman
Randy and Diana Hoover
Tom and Peggy Kane
Jay and Judy Kaplan
John and Paula Kellard
Larry and Barbara Kessler
Nicholas Kollman
John Kreutzberg
John and Cynthia Kucyk
Bill and Cathie Lent
Louis and Kelly Lentine
Dennis and Linda Longstreet
Tom and Barbara Lytle
Donald and Hollie Machen
Suzie McCollough
Willett and Lois Moore
Joseph and Leigh Pisani
Frank and Betty Quirk
David and Andrea Rapoport
Allan and Anne Salvatori
Tom and Linda Schaefer
JJ and Kathleen Schmidt
Janet and Charles Seidler
John and Carolyn Tocks
Fernando and Karen Vincenzini
Kay Warder
Eleonore Way
Stuart and Robin Webb
Larry and Diane Weene
Stanley and Laura Wiegand

Scholar $100+

Logan and Penny Delany
Barbara Dolan
Mark and Melinda Feinstein
Bertram and Judy Friedlander
Blase Gintoli and Luzviminda Ahyong
Hadar and Lois Granader
Dan Hiler
Barbara Hotz
Ann Millar
Mark and Bonnie Pawuk
David and Kris Saponaro
Brandon and Lise Sweitzer

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